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Residential Fan-Coil Units


Introducing our revolutionary floor-standing fan coil unit, a mere 180mm thin yet powerful in performance. Engineered for discreet elegance, this unit combines sleek design with whisper-quiet operation, ensuring a comfortable and tranquil environment.

With its slim profile and silent efficiency, it seamlessly integrates into any space, providing optimal climate control without compromising on aesthetics or peace of mind.

Air Flow: 340 – 1360 m3/h
Cooling Capacity: 1.9KW-7.2KW


Our fan-coil unit, equipped for floor standing, wall mounting, or horizontal installation, offers versatile and efficient climate control for any space.

Equipped with an L-shaped drain pan, it can be mounted on the ceiling without the concern of condensate dripping out.

Air Flow: 200 – 1400cfm

Cooling Capacity: 1.8KW -12.6KW


The demand for ultra-thin fan coils is increasing as space becomes more and more precious and fan coils are used more widely in the homes, Due to the ceiling space limitations, the demand for ultra-thin fan coils is increasing. The height of this fan coil unit is only 19cm, or it is 45-100mm thinner than the normal fan coil unit.

Comes with an integrated condensate drain pump

Air Flow: 530 – 1750 m3/h
Cooling Capacity: 2.95KW-9KW


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