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Bathroom Fan-Coil Unit

Ultra flat fancoil for bathrooms 

• Adjustable air  flow with movable grilles in extruded aluminum
• Eight speed programs
• Modulating thermal power through various fan speed settings
• Cooling, heating and dehumidification function
• Heating capacity up to 1.65 kW
• It can be installed behind the doors
• Super thin thickness, only 12 cm
• Minimum noise level below the threshold of the audible, 20 dB (A)
• DC Inverter technology
• Low power consumption, only 4 Watts
• Modern design
• Front panel in tempered glass crystal
• Radiant panel of 200Watt as standard
• Pleated stainless steel filters of unlimited duration
• Tangential aluminum fan for greater efficiency
• Control with infrared handset
• Smart display
• It can be installed behind the doors
• Wi-Fi controls for easy management by smartphone

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