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The TERRA team is trained to identify and recommend system solutions specific to your home and your needs with a specific offer to obtain products with a contemporary design that are energy efficient, reliable, quiet and environmentally friendly. Your projects are safe in our hands.


With 20+ years’ expertise across the region North Macedonia,
Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bulgaria, TERRA excels
in heating and cooling solutions.

About Us

TERRA prioritizes sustainable, long-term business, aligning economy, ecology, and social responsibility. Consistently evolving, integrating new technologies to offer a modern, eco-friendly urban lifestyle. TERRA installs energy- efficient heating and cooling systems with ZERO harmful emissions, as an ecological pioneer and heating industry leader.


TERRA delivers innovative products that incorporate the latest and most up-to-date technologies with high standards for air conditioning devices.

TERRA continually enhances and refines solutions for air conditioning devices and heat pumps. We are committed to offering 
our customers innovative heating and cooling products that will not only meet their requirements, but exceed them. Our products have more efficient solutions and better technological functions that can reduce energy consumption, but at the same time provide suitable temperature conditions for the users.


TERRA has the knowledge and experience to achieve your goals and environmental needs. The integrated technology enables easy installation, highly efficient performance, energy saving and maintenance of your system. All these features make your lifestyle significantly easier. Thanks to the experience with these technologies we can offer you cost-effective, user-friendly, reliable and innovative products. Another advantage we offer to our clients is support services for projects aiming to reclaim funds through an accredited organization supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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