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Commercial Fan Coil

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Horizontal concealed fan coil unit is with large air volume and high heat exchange efficiency for cooling, dehumidification and heating.

This unit can be widely used in commercial buildings, hospitality industry,

agricultural greenhouse and livestock farm.

Air Flow: 340 – 2300 m3/h
Cooling Capacity: 2.0KW-12.6KW


Round Cassette with an innovative 360° airflow ensures optimal air conditioning which also eliminates still air zones.

360 degree directional wind coming out of circular heat exchanger delivers air evenly throughout every corner in any space.

Air Flow: 500 – 1400cfm

Cooling Capacity: 4.5KW -12.6KW

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Specifically designed for spaces where abundant airflow is essential, this unit regulates temperature efficiently.


Operating quietly and unobtrusively, the fan-coil unit seamlessly integrates into office environments, providing a consistent and comfortable climate for occupants.

Air Flow: 340 – 1360 m3/h
Cooling Capacity: 1.8KW-7.2KW


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